General Insurance - Motor Insurance

Private car insurance policy provides coverage for loss of or damage to your vehicle against the risk of accident, fire, theft, floods, earthquake, riot, strike etc. The policy also gives coverage for your liability arising out of death, injury to third party and/ or third property damage.

What/Where can be Covered?
Any privately owned light vehicle used forpose and for the use of your business can be insured under this policy. The private car package policr social, domestic and pleasure puy provides a cover for:

  • Loss or damage by accident, fire, lightening, self-ignition, external explosion, burglary, housebreaking or theft, malicious act.
  • Riot and strike; terrorism; earthquake; flood, cyclone and inundation.
  • Whilst in transit by rail, road, air, elevator, lift.
  • Liability for third party injury /death, third party property damage.
Normally the geographical scope of coverage is India. However coverage can also be provided for neighboring SAARC countries for a nominal cost.
Benefits Available

Our Policy covers the following heads of expenses, which are normally incurred in the event of Hospitalization:

Room rent and boarding expenses.
  • Nursing expenses.
  • Surgeon, anesthetist and medical practitioner/consultant's fees.
  • Cost of anesthesia, blood, oxygen, operation theatre, surgical appliances, medicines & drugs, diagnostic materials and X-ray, dialysis, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, pacemaker, artificial limbs etc and similar expenses.

Who can Insure?

Individuals and corporate owners of the private cars can be insured. However the interest of Financier and Lesser is also protected.

When Will Policy Not Pay?

At an extra premium, you can cover the following items under your Medical Insurance Policy:

  • Consequential loss; depreciation; wear and tear; mechanical and electrical breakdown; failure or breakage.
  • When vehicle is used outside the geographical area
  • When used contrary to limitation as to use as written in the policy and/or as mentioned in the registration certificate of the vehicle
  • When vehicle is driven by a person who is not licensed to drive and/ or disqualified from holding a license
  • War perils, nuclear perils and drunken driving.
What Will Policy And How Much?

This Policy can be issued to various categories of groups as under:

  • Actual amount spent for repairs/replacement subject to depreciation in case of partial            loss. However in case of total loss, due to theft or damage beyond repair, the value           declared in the policy is payable. the State/Central Government.
  • We will also pay upto Rs.1500/- in respect of towing charges, redelivery and protection of the damaged vehicle.
What else can be Insured

On payment of additional premium:

  • Loss of or damage to electrical/ electronic accessories can be covered
  • This policy can be extended to cover Liability to Paid driver, other employees
  • Personal Accident cover can be given to passengers of the car on a named or unnamed            basis, the number of passengers being limited to the registered seating capacity of the           car.
Discount Available
  • If you maintain the vehicle in proper condition and prevent any loss or damage, then you are eligible for No Claim Discount ranging from 20 to 50%
  • As a member of Automobile Association of India you will be eligible for a discount of 5%
Incase Of Claim
  • Intimate nearest office of your insuracne company as soon as possible
  • Submit duly filled in claim form
  • Police report in case of theft, accident involving third party
Always Remember
  • You should truthfully declare all the facts about yourself and your motor vehicle to us
  • You should maintain the vehicle in efficient condition and in case of accident/ breakdown, do not leave your vehicle unattended
  • More importantly, you should not drive the vehicle without getting necessary repair done


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